GENUINE RECOVERY ART is a branch of learning and spiritual knowledge.

My primary focus is to give knowledge, experience, and inspiration for you to make better choices with daily action.

Economics is the study of human psychology and behavior. It is intended to provide chiefly general specialized knowledge to develop intellectual capacities (such as reason and judgment) as opposed to professional or vocational skills.

GenuineRecovery Art, is a sacred place for those who value learning and development of character. My experiential process is written with reason and passion.

An altruistic method and dialogue for transitional suffering and restoration of personal

A clearer understanding will be developed as you practice these concepts, steps and principles in your life.

Dedication and commitment to your decision for sobriety is the only way to succeed long term. Small steps lead to big changes.

You are never expected to be perfect, just make progress daily.

Man is responsible for finding the true meaning of a situation. And meaning is something to be found rather than to be given, discovered rather than invented.

Martin Santos

It has been my distinct pleasure to have made Mr. Santos’ acquaintance. Furthermore, I have had the great good fortune to become better acquainted with him over these past three odd years. I have found Martin to be an honestly grounded, sensitive and straightforward sort of man. Martin is ever seeking spiritual maturity while evoking the guidance of the Higher Power. He possesses an innate presence of mind and soul. He regularly reaches out to others for mutual and self discoveries. Martin has the grasp and ability to influence those people who will have it with an understanding and positive nature. Of course, realizing there are some in this world who lack the gift of rigorous self honesty; Let’s call them “Earth People.” I have found Martin to be most tolerant, kind, thoughtful and emphatic. Martin isn’t a mean spirited sort of man. In fact, He walks the talk with dignity and purpose. I am proud to know Martin as friend.

Fred M. von Schriltz

Martin, You are a mountain mover in recovery.

Heather M
Align Responsibility Integrity

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